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We believe that the reason for using an executive search consultant is to quickly solve challenging hiring needs that you have while minimizing the work you have to do in order to hire them.  Our goal is to make the hiring process easy for you while developing a long term working relationship with you earning the opportunity to become your exclusive search partner in the future that is your first and only choice for professional level searches.


  • 15+ years in the business of executive search for manufacturing companies with an extensive candidate database for networking and referrals
  • We understand that companies do not just have open positions – they have specific problems that need to be solved and the key is finding people who have solved similar problems in other companies
  • Our average interview to placement ratio is 4 to 1 (national average is 9 to 1) which translates to thousands of dollars in savings in interviewing costs as well as gaining a more time efficient hiring process
  • We typically refer only 3-8 candidates which match your criteria who are prescreened and ready for you interview
  • Our time for placement can be substantially less than other firms since we typically conduct exclusive searches where we can focus on a 30-45 day hiring cycle
  • Since our firm is composed of niche and industry specialists that are highly knowledgeable of their areas, we can work with clients to develop realistic hiring expectations eliminating many of the problems that companies face in the current hiring market