Why Executive Recruiting?

It’s an expanding billion-dollar industry with great earning potential and unlimited opportunity.

Finding the best employees takes time and know-how, so businesses turn to recruiters with the expertise and capability to source and vet the professionals they need. Executive recruiter jobs offer individuals a satisfying career assisting both clients in reaching their hiring requirements and individuals in achieving their career objectives.

Each day brings new challenges:

  • Work with a wide range of decision-makers and professionals
  • Discover the exact recruitments of client companies
  • Find and place outstanding professionals in exciting positions

Our recipe for success:

You will be instructed in the areas of telephone technique, time management, how to focus on the best clients, and how to develop a strong client and candidate base. The goal is to assist you in becoming a successful consultant in a short time. Past experience shows that consultants who possess self-motivation, communication skills, organization, intelligence, a good work ethic and trainability often flourish.

FPC’s corporate office in New York City provides additional support, advice and assistance with every aspect of the recruiting process. The New York staff, with over 100 years of combined experience in the employment industry, visits offices and regions for training seminars, motivation and support.

There’s no limit to your potential income.

Since recruiting is a commission-based profession, your talent and hard work will make all the difference.

Interested yet?

Perhaps FPC has the right opportunity for you. Experience in executive recruiting is not necessary. As an industry leader, we’ll teach you the proven, time-tested techniques necessary for success and get you off to a quick start.

If recruiting sounds like the job for you, contact FPC National to learn more about executive recruiter jobs or executive search franchising.

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