Frequently Asked Questions

Who Owns and Operates FPC of Charlotte?
James & Kelly Pendleton own and operate FPC Charlotte.  Click here  to learn about our well seasoned and impressive recruiting staff. There are more than 75 franchised FPC offices nationwide.
How Long Has FPC of Charlotte Been Around?
Over 42 years. During that time, many recruiting firms have come and gone, while we continue to grow.   FPC has continued to prosper, because its offices offer consistent and professional quality services to employers and candidates.
What Can FPC of Charlotte Offer Me?
We offer the combination of proven industry knowledge and modern technology.
FPC is an innovative market leader utilizing the Internet and computer databases to accelerate and improve the results of the recruiting process. All of our offices are linked by a state-of-the-art intranet system.
What Are Your Fees And Are Your Professional Services Guaranteed In Any Fashion?

Our fees are reasonable and traditional, and we do guarantee our work. These questions are answered in detail on another page on this website.  Click here to learn more about these matters.