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F-O-R-T-U-N-E Personnel Consultants of Atlanta was founded in 1990, and the ensuing years have seen a great deal of change in the Executive Recruiting industry. Among other things, incredible leaps have been made in electronic communications, enabling more people to talk to each other more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

On the other hand, there have been no technological innovations that can make good career decisions for us. All of us must make career choices that will lead to our desired results or goals: career challenge, job satisfaction, and/or security for ourselves and our families

For the Technical, Scientific, and Manufacturing professionals with whom we work, there are common questions and concerns surrounding the area of Career Management. This article and those that follow are offered to assist others in clarifying the issues surrounding their career choices.

 Assess your situation

Career development and your company:

In 30 years in the NFL, Bill Belichick has held 13 different jobs with eight different teams. He was fired by Cleveland in 1995 after being blamed (rightly or wrongly) for the team’s lack of success. He proceeded to win the Super Bowl with the New England Patriots in 2003, and was credited (again, rightly or wrongly) with being the architect of the team’s success. It would seem that the choice of a career as a coach in professional sports would be a roller-coaster ride to madness.

Most of us feel as if it’s our duty to improve ourselves and (consequently) our value to our employers. We also feel loyalty to the people/company in whom we invest so much of ourselves on a daily basis. On the other hand, we are also responsible for assessing the quality of our playing field and making changes when necessary.

Skills Development:

Companies that continually invest in new technologies and develop new products have a commensurate need for talented people. When companies focus on new opportunities, they create new opportunities for those whom it employs.


Does your current firm invest in updated technologies, continually challenging you to improve yourself?


Are there sufficient opportunities for you to develop yourself through involvement in new technologies? Are there sufficient opportunities for you to assume positions in other departments, thereby expanding your skills and experiences portfolio?


People need a direction in which to focus themselves and their energies. In a company where growth and development is a key goal, the energies of its work force are generally focused in a positive direction. On the other hand, if the company is not focused on growth and development, people are left to their own differing levels of motivation and direction. This is not an approval of one culture over the other; it’s important that you decide which atmosphere suits your needs best.


Does the company seem to be moving into new areas and capitalizing on new market opportunities?


Is your boss interested in your career development? Does he/she encourage you to take on new challenges?

Career development and your personal situation

A candidate told an FPC recruiter once that, although the position they were discussing was very attractive, he didn’t want to ask his wife.

Another candidate (an experienced, talented person) advised her recruiter that she was afraid to upset her bridge club.

One of the primary drivers of career movement is the pursuit of long-term career goals.

Challenge and growth:

At FPC Atlanta, we focus on specific manufacturing industries, not geographic locations. Our effectiveness in assisting individuals in their career management efforts is directly proportional to their level of preparedness and their commitment to career management.

Now more than ever, individuals and corporations who try to remain static do so at their own risk. The old adage about the view never changing unless you’re the lead dog in the pack is only half of the concern.

Sometimes there are no defenses against market conditions. We can all be downsized.

On the other hand, most of us feel a sense of loyalty to the people/company that “gave us a chance.” Our families like where they live, and they are likely to resist the notion of moving, if it becomes necessary.

The challenge is to prepare ourselves through the development of a portfolio of professional qualifications and experiences to be in demand by the greatest number of companies. The other, sometimes greater challenge is for us to prepare those around us as well.


Is your family (immediate and extended) open to a career move now or in the future?


Have you discussed with them the possibility that now or at some time in the future, it may become necessary?

Get some valuable advice and direction

Give us a call at FPC Atlanta. We’ll review your current situation with you and recommend a course of action. We cannot work with everyone, but with an average tenure of 10 years of executive search experience, we can make some positive suggestions.

Decide that no one will manage your career but you.