Our Executive Recruiters

Dave Lauzun, President

Dave is President/Owner of FPC of Brighton.  He started this company in November of 2020, bringing over 30 years of experience in Automotive, Industrial Machinery, Heavy Equipment, Digital Transformation, and Start-up Operations.  FPC of Brighton specializes in placing executives in Engineering, Manufacturing Operations, Cyber Security, Quality, Business Development and more.

Throughout his career Dave has managed professional teams of over 500 people, and has navigated hundreds of hiring and firing decisions.  He has led major hiring initiatives at both large and small companies and has been deeply involved in all aspects of the hiring process – from entry-level engineers to senior executives.

Dave began his career at Chrysler Corporation in 1983 where he held a number of management positions in Engineering, Manufacturing, and Quality Systems.  Significant Engineering experiences include all functional parts of the vehicle (Exterior, Interior, Chassis and Powertrain), as well as bumper-to-bumper leadership experiences as the Program Manager for all mid-size and large products and Development Manager for all mid-sized vehicles.  Dave’s Manufacturing experiences include management assignments at both Assembly and Stamping Plants, as well as the development of Chrysler’s home-grown version of the Toyota Production System.  He gained valuable experiences in Total Quality Management as the Engineering/Quality Manager in an Assembly Plant; Quality Manager of the entire Jeep platform; and leader of Chrysler’s first full-vehicle Design for 6 Sigma (DFSS) program.

In 2008 Dave joined Bright Automotive as VP of Product Development.  At Bright he was responsible for leading the design and development effort for the world’s first all-new hybrid electric service/delivery van.  In January of 2010 Dave was promoted to an Executive Vice President at Bright and assumed responsibilities for Sales, Marketing, Purchasing and Manufacturing in addition to Product Development.  He later assumed responsibilities for Bright’s Engineering Services Group (“eSolutions”) and gained experiences leading a P&L operation.  In his 4 years at Bright Dave led almost every corporate group at one time or another and gained experiences in venture capital, negotiations, government relations, business development, consulting, and other functions in addition to vehicle electrification.

After the demise of Bright Automotive in 2012, Dave joined Cummins as leader of their Customer Engineering organization.  At Cummins Dave led the 200-person Off Highway Customer Engineering team, and was responsible for working with the customers to optimize the installation of the engine into the customers’ machines and vehicles.  Dave also served as the “Functional Excellence Leader” with the responsibility of improving the tools and processes for all 1500 engineers around the globe.  While at Cummins, Dave also founded a “Products-In-Use” initiative to significantly reduce the fuel consumption of existing Cummins fleets and thereby significantly reduce global CO2 production.

From 2016 to 2019 Dave served as the VP of Automotive & Transportation for Siemens Software.  In this role, Dave was responsible for defining industry strategy, driving specific industry requirements into the Siemens products, and defining industry-specific market solutions for all Automotive and Transportation customers.  Dave was responsible for significantly advancing Siemens’ role in “the future of transportation” – including Electric Vehicles, Autonomous Vehicles, and Shared Mobility.

Prior to founding FPC of Brighton, Dave’s last role was as VP of Engineering for Powertrain Products at Delphi Technologies.  Dave was responsible for driving world-class product development and product improvement activities for the Delphi Technologies customers.  At Delphi, Dave led a significant restructuring effort which resulted in a 40% reduction in the engineering staffing and budget over a 2-year period.

Dave holds a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State University, an MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan, an MS in Materials Engineering from MIT, and an MBA from the Sloan School of Management at MIT.

Monica Lauzun, Director of Recruiting

Monica Lauzun joined FPC of Brighton to follow her passion for partnering with business leaders to help them find the most qualified talent for their business. She is skilled at using multi-platform digital marketing techniques to target the best talent, attract top candidates, and decrease the time to secure the right talent.  Monica’s focus is on Cyber Security professionals and Sales professionals.

Prior to her talent acquisition role, Monica spent the last five years working at Cyber Security companies. She spent three years at Duo Security (a start-up company in Ann Arbor, Michigan) establishing relationships and conducted initiatives for customer outreach to grow the brand and business.

Most recently, Monica worked at Cisco Systems on the Sales Operations and Enablement team supporting the efforts of Sales by improving work-flow, internal communications, processes, and business growth. Monica has been involved in hiring and firing decisions throughout her career.

In her free time, Monica enjoys traveling, shopping, craft beer, and spending time with her husband and their dog Chloe!