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An Expanding, Billion-Dollar Industry
More than ever, corporations are seeking talented employees to help them compete. Companies understand the crucial investment they need to make to build a skilled and dedicated staff. Finding the best employees takes time and know-how, so they turn to recruiters—professionals with the expertise and capability to help them locate and hire the professionals they really need.

For close to 100 years, recruiters have provided a valuable and necessary service to businesses around the world and today the staffing and search business is a multi-billion dollar industry. As a major business segment, recruiting offers individuals a satisfying career—assisting both client companies and individuals with their hiring and career objectives.

While a successful recruiter’s earnings can be significant, there is also great pleasure to be found in searching for an outstanding professional, and placing him or her in an exciting position. An accomplished recruiter is a special person, someone who possesses business sense and a keen understanding of what makes people tick. Recruiters consistently speak with a wide range of decision-makers and professionals. Each day brings new and various challenges: discovering the exact recruitment needs of client companies, finding and then recruiting the professional men and women to fill those jobs.

Earnings Potential and the Next Step
Since recruiting is a commission-based profession, there is no limit to your potential income. Your talent and hard work will make all the difference.

If what you’ve read interests you, perhaps FPC has the right opportunity for you. Experience in executive recruiting is not necessary. As an industry leader, we’ll teach you the proven, time-tested techniques necessary for success. We’ll encourage and help you get off to a fast start. If you’re the kind of person who wants control of your future and your income—with a large organization supporting you—FPC is your opportunity. The next step is up to you.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in recruiting,
please email Shelly Reyes. 

Why FPC?
FPC, a leader in the recruitment industry for 45 years, has referred thousands of talented people to companies nationwide. With more than 75 offices, FPC is one of the largest executive search firms in the United States. As part of FPC’s nationwide organization, you will receive support and assistance from a variety of sources.  In your local office, your management team will teach the basics of the business, and the fine points of an industry specialty in such disciplines as manufacturing, technical/engineering, health care, sales, marketing and law.

You will be instructed in the areas of telephone technique, time management, how to focus on the best clients and how to develop a strong client and candidate base. The goal is to assist you in becoming a successful consultant in a short time. While FPC cannot guarantee results, past experience shows that consultants who possess self-motivation, communication skills, organization, intelligence, a good work ethic and trainability often flourish.

FPC’s corporate office in New York City provides additional support. Advice and assistance with every aspect of the recruiting process—from getting job orders to closing placements—is only a phone call away. The New York staff, with over 100 years of combined experience in the employment industry, visits offices and regions for training seminars, motivation and support.
FPC consultants work with more than 300 colleagues around the country, sharing job and candidate information through our Exchange System.

FPC’s National Media Program, appearing in some of the most important, widely read business and trade publications, is geared to increase name recognition to both candidates and clients.

FPC publishes newsletters and bulletins throughout the year, to recognize consultant achievements and keep you informed about the latest trends and information in the employment industry.

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