Employer FAQs

Why should we select FPC Raleigh to handle our search?

  • Experience:  Our recruiters have an average industry tenure of  ten years
  • Customer Satisfaction:  75% of our business is from repeat clients
  • Commitment to Excellence:  FPC Raleigh has ranked number one of 70 network offices for the past three consecutive years

Why should we engage FPC Raleigh when we have internal resources to help us recruit?

  • FPC Raleigh’s network likely extends beyond that of your internal resources, particularly in niche areas
  • Our recruiters proactively deliver your opportunity to industry leaders while preserving the highest degree of confidentiality
  • FPC recruiters partner jointly with HR professionals and line managers to ensure a streamlined process

How can working with FPC Raleigh accelerate the search process?

  • FPC recruiters are industry specialists with networks that enable them to quickly identify impact players ready for their next step
  • Capacity to leverage our network of 70 offices and over 150 experienced recruiters to identify candidates outside our immediate reach
  • Our thorough pre-screening process reduces wasted time and turn-downs

How do I justify a recruiting fee with a constrained budget?

  • FPC Raleigh offers an efficient and turnkey strategy to attract talented professionals—top performers who pay for themselves many times over
  • Partnering with your FPC consultant over time will help to brand your company as an employer of choice in a competitive landscape
  • Our search model is contingency based so you don’t pay a fee unless you hire