Our Search Process

Assess Clients Needs And Define Objectives

In consultation with the client, we will conduct an in-depth analysis of the business, including the corporate culture, understand the organization’s relationships and reporting structure, and the required profile of the selected candidate. We will also learn what the greatest challenges are that the new recruit will encounter when he/she starts in this position.

Develop Position Description and Specifications Including Key Selection Criteria
We will prepare a detailed description of the parameters of the position. This includes the position’s scope, responsibilities, required skills/qualifications. We will reach consensus with Founders to determine how the recruit’s performance will be measured to determine success. and compensation package.

Research and Determine The Search Universe

We will disseminate the specified requirements for the position throughout the F-O-R-T-U-N-E nationwide system, targeting all FPC recruitment specialists with relevant industry expertise. Researchers will access our proprietary system-wide candidate database and network of contacts.

Candidate Identification, Assessment, Evaluation And Referral
FPC Recruitment Specialists selectively identify, recruit, screen, and qualify those candidates who fall within the specified parameters for the position. This process includes both telephone and face-to-face interviews with all viable candidates. A short list of 3 to 5 candidates is generated from this process.

Candidates Interview With Client
We will facilitate the interview process, including coordinating mutually convenient schedules for both candidates and client. We will also make travel arrangements and provide for candidate expense reimbursement. At all stages of the interview process, frequent client and candidate feedback is provided.

Check References of Selected Candidate
Once it has been determined to whom the client would like to extend the offer, we will conduct a business and personal reference check.  All information will be shared with the client.

Present Offer To Selected Candidate
We will assist in negotiating, structuring and presenting the offer to the candidate. This discussion includes everything from base salary, bonus, equity and benefits to any applicable relocation package.

We will stay in close contact with the candidate and ensure a smooth transition for the executive.

30 – 90 days to have a candidate on board depending on complexity of search assignment.