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What Makes a Great Recruiter/Client Relationship?

As unemployment continues to hover at historic lows, the challenge of finding top talent has only gotten worse.  The ‘post and pray’ method of generating high caliber candidates is ineffective at best.  Now, more than ever before, companies have to rely on their network of industry contacts, and more importantly,…Read more »


Client Relationship

You Snooze, You Lose

Time kills all deals! Time kills all deals! This statement holds true for almost any sales transaction, and it’s something I learned first-hand on my first day in Executive Recruitment. The most efficient and effective sales processes capitalize on momentum. Once you lose it, your chances of ‘closing the deal’ tumble dramatically… Read More


 I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what we do here at FPC and how we’ve been able to succeed for almost 60 years (BTW, 2019 is our 60th anniversary in business).  One theme keeps coming to mind “It’s All About The People”.  Read More…





What FPC recruiters think

There’s no doubt recruiting has evolved immensely in recent times – and will continue to do so. New innovations in recruiting (i.e. social media and AI) can help us find high-quality candidates in this elusive “quality candidate” market, but only if we recruiters know how to adapt… Read More…

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Is Your ‘Holiday Time’ Offer a Gift, or a Gag?

Improve your recruitment process with these best practices and industry insights with the FPC Executive Suite, Advice for the Hiring Executive.  We help hiring managers and human resources professionals on ways to improve their hiring and retention process. Read More…


Employment Branding

Using an Executive Recruiter is the Best Employment Branding Tool

Employment brand by definition is the market perception of what it’s like to work for an organization. Having a strong employment brand is extremely important to the growth and development of your company. A strong brand is a tremendous help to your efforts attracting top talent to your organization.…Read More

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The Two People CEO’s Need Most in Their Life

As we turn the page on the summer season and gear up for the final third of the calendar year, I wanted to re-share an article, The Two People CEOs Need Most In Their Life, According to McKinsey Chief Dominic Barton by Oliver Staley, that has generates a lot of buzz.…Read More

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Does Anyone Care What the Recruiter Thinks? Part III

The recruiting industry has continued to evolve in a number of ways since its creation in the post-World War II era. Advancements in technology including artificial intelligence have changed the landscape and have forced both companies …Read More

Recruiting Success

Do You Really Know How the Recruitment Sausage is Made?

What really goes on in a well-run professional recruiting practice? Most executives only see the finished product or hired candidate. In recruiting, just like an iceberg, only 10% is visible above the surface.  …Read More

Why Your Job Opening Will Never Get Filled…

Jobs, jobs, jobs, frequently a top story in the news, and more specifically on the first Friday of every month when the Department of Labor releases its jobs report and we anxiously await their findings.  From the unemployment rate, currently at its lowest levels since 2000, to the number of jobs created which has had gains for over 90 consecutive months… Read More

Does Anyone Care What the Recruiter Thinks? Part II

 The recruiting industry has experienced many changes since its creation in the 1940’s.  Advancements in technology have changed the landscape and have forced both companies and Executive Recruiters to often adapt on the fly.  In Part II of our new series entitled “Does Anyone Care What the Recruiter Thinks?”…Continue Reading

Hiring Manager’s Guide to Recruiting!

FPC’s Executive Suite consistently strives to generate original content focused on providing advice to the hiring executive. Often we identify recently written articles that are relevant to the message we are passionate about. This month, a recent article by F. John Reh caught my eye, Hiring Manager’s Guide to Recruiting, …Continue Reading

Does Anyone Care What the Recruiter Thinks? Part I

The Executive Recruiting landscape is an ever-changing, dynamic industry that has been drastically impacted by the advent of the internet over the past two decades.  Most corporations have hired troves of talent acquisition representatives and have spent millions of dollars on internet tools and artificial intelligence…

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5 New Year’s Re’cruit’ Solutions

The holidays are upon us and the clean slate of the New Year is looming.  Now is a great time to take stock of what worked well over the past year, and where you can make improvements to your hiring process.  I think we can all agree if you aren’t improving you’re falling behind…  Continue Reading

I Thought I Hired a Superstar, I was wrong…
The interview process typically involves two parties, the hiring company and the candidate.  One thing they both have in common is that they are on their best possible behavior from the moment they are introduced until the candidate signs on the dotted line.  This is partly because they are coached by people they trust to act that way, and partly because…
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Recruit Yourself to Success

Whether you’re unemployed, underemployed or just looking for a change, you have options.  Professionals burn out and leave their industry all the time, sometimes to pursue a passion, other times they may not really be sure where their second act will lead them.  There is another career path you may not have thought of outside of your business…Continue Reading

"Ultimately my decisions are based on logic."

Hiring is not an Individual Sport

The number one goal in any company’s recruiting effort is to fill their open position with the right candidate in a timely manner.  This goes for the hiring manager, the talent acquisition team, the executive recruiter, and of course the candidate.  Yet it often seems that some or all of these parties disrupt the effort rather than work in alignment to achieve the common goal… Continue Reading

Job Offer or Job Awful?…Mistakes Companies Make

You’ve done a great job attracting top talent to consider your company for employment. You’ve had a stellar interview process thus far, but you still have one major hurdle to clear in order to finalize and complete the process…get an accepted offer…
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Humility is the New Smart: Are You Ready?

Since its inception, FPC’s Executive Suite has been focused on generating original content based on real life, day-to-day issues we hear about from the offices around the country. This month, in the spirit of continuous learning, we decided to share … Continue Reading

Is Your Recruiting Budget ‘Retaining’ Water?

When it comes to hiring a professional recruiting firm, many companies view their options through a very black and white prism. The perception is even more apparent when they engage with an executive recruiter. The two most common terms you’ll hear for types of searches are retained and contingent. What do they mean? What are the benefits of each? What are the drawbacks?…Continue Reading

When a ‘No-Hire’ Costs More Than a New Hire

Have you ever really taken the time to determine the cost of an unfilled position at your company? In many cases, it can be hard to quantify with an actual dollar amount. Sometimes you need to look beyond the financial impact, because there may be a…  Continue Reading

Does Your Company Have an Ego Problem?

For those of us who have been involved in the process of recruiting and hiring, we know it can be a very humbling experience.  Reflect back on some failed attempts at securing your prized candidate and you might find
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Social Media is Only Part of Your Solution When it Comes to Recruiting and Hiring

We live in an age where hiring managers have more resources than ever before to try to identify talented people for their open positions.  Social media is one of those resources and has now become part of the new normal when it comes to recruiting efforts.  Corporations large and small are employing strategies to improve their social footprint.  However, if you are relying on social media to do the recruiting for you, you may be missing the boat…Continue Reading

5 Process Improvement Strategies to Shorten Time to Hire

By and large, companies just jump into their hiring process without a real plan. This often leads to a disjointed process that can take longer than necessary to complete. As anyone who has ever hired a decent amount knows from experience, time kills all deals…
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Top 3 Reasons Why You’re Losing Your Best Candidates

As a hiring manager, your number one goal in the hiring process is to find the right person for the job.  This sounds like a manageable task, right?  It should be.  However, if you find yourself losing out on the candidates you …

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Opportunity Cost, or Opportunity Lost?

We are currently experiencing a fiercely competitive job market in the race for top talent.  The unemployment rate is at generational lows, and dropping.  This means that the post and pray method of identifying highly qualified candidates is not nearly as effective as it’s been in the past.  Companies are only as good as the people they employ, the team they assemble, the creative thinkers and innovators they hire.  If you aren’t keeping pace with your competitors in the industry, … 
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