Your Success Is Driven by Our Proven Process

Needs Analysis

Discuss requirements for the position you need to fill. We will search for one to three candidates who fit your needs and company culture for you to interview.

Candidate Contact

Present your opportunity to qualified prospects in terms that will attract interest without overselling or exaggerating. This gives the candidate a positive but realistic impression of the job and company.

Screening and Interviewing

We screen out candidates who do not meet your criteria, and develop relationships with those who do in order to get to know them.

Presenting Candidates

We detail how the candidate fits your requirements and also assist in scheduling all interviews.

Briefing and Debriefing

After each round of interviews, debriefing techniques are used to discuss positives and negatives expressed by you and the candidate.

Consultation and Evaluation

While consultation runs through the entire process, it is most critical here. We candidly discuss candidate strengths and weaknesses as part of our effort to assist you in making a good hiring decision. We will provide detailed relocation assistance with custom-tailored cost of living analysis.


There are always factors, other than money, that determine a candidate’s preparedness to accept a new position. In this phase, we work closely to identify what it will take to satisfy the candidate.

Testing an Offer

We begin the negotiation process by “feeling out” the candidate’s interest in joining your company. This increases the likelihood that the final, official offer (which should be extended by the client manager) will be accepted.


Negotiating an offer is an emotionally charged task for both interested parties. Working through a third party can ease the tension between them, by allowing each party to reflect before responding. Our skilled recruiters help both the manager and the candidate over this difficult step.

Final Details

FPC can handle all the little things that streamline the transition for new employees, such as relocation tips or advice about disengaging from their current employer.